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Advanced Sex Tips at

Advanced Sex Tips

Wondering how to use a clitoral pump or how to have Tantric sex? Our sex therapists and sexologists have written detailed guides that teach you everything you've ever wanted to know about sex. At, we know that amazing sex begins with curiosity and really gets good once you acquire sexual knowledge and confidence. Find the best advanced sex tips and sex techniques here.
10 Keys of Tantra

In the modern West, we stress the power of knowledge and thought. What you know determines what you can do. If you work hard, you can accumulate wealth, a partner and family, and material success. You reap security, physical comforts, moments of happiness, and a high standard of living. In the traditional East, the quality of inner life - not the process of living - was more important. Not what you did outside, but what you felt inside. You reap Supreme Bliss by experiencing joy in every breath, every tree, every flower, every moment. Yes, you can have both. Tantra is the bridge between the East and West. The path to inner joy through full awareness of the physical world.
Aromatherapy and Desire

Sex and Aromatherapy are a powerful combination, indeed. The nose contains ten million neurons that reach out and catch odor-molecules. Essential oils can considerably enhance the sensations to both to body and mind, and in so doing lift the spirit through inhalation and massage.
Anal Douches and Anal Lubes

With proper preparation anal sex can be a smooth process bringing an intensely pleasurable sensation.
Sex and Chocolate

Chocolate is considered a powerful aphrodisiac. It induces sexual desire and behaviour and elevates your passion. It is the best possible prelude to passionate, romantic and sensuous lovemaking.
Green Sex: Natural Lubricants

What lubricants should you choose for a healthy body and a healthy environment?
Controlling Female Sexual Arousal

Female Sexual Arousal Disorder is all the buzz in the news yet again! I thought we were all done with the elusive search for the cure-all of women's arousal problems. But it is Boehring, a German pharmaceutical company, who has refreshed the discussion with their search for the next cash-cow -- a Viagra for women, called Flibanserin.
Female Ejaculation

Women can come violently, spastically, enduringly…but copiously? Approximately 20% of women have reported ejaculating in one form or another.
Satisfying Size Queens

Many women like it large. At least, occassionally. Smaller penises do have their own merit. Unfortunately, they also don’t stimulate the cervix, or give you that filled feeling.
Prostate Orgasm

How to stimulate the prostate, and toys that can help.
Using Electrical Current to Get Aroused

We use electrical currents to stimulate our muscles -- to get thin or build muscles strength. On the flip side we use vibrators to get pleasure. Why not mix the two?
How Heterosexuals Have Anal Sex

Anal sex used to be thought of as an act exclusively practiced by homosexual men, but new studies have revealed that it is becoming more and more popular among heterosexual couples. has collected facts, figures, and other information to better inform you about this myth-riddled topic.
How to Have Anal Sex

Don't be fooled into thinking anal intercourse is only for the "givers" pleasure - it can be extremely stimulating and pleasurable for the receiver as well! The anus is rich in nerve endings, and some women can orgasm from the pelvic contractions combined with the excitement of anal play. Read on for details.
How to Breathe for Sex

Breathing is key to enhancing your sexual experience. Most people exist in a state of tension obstructing the breath, holding it and forcing it to become shallow. If you are stuck sexually and want to "feel more" a straightforward and effective route is through deeper and more aware breathing.
Solo Tantra

Did you know you can practice Tantra on your own, during self-exploration and masturbation. Figuring Tantra out on your own first can make it more comfortable to try with a partner. Read on to learn about solo Tantra.
How To Give a Rim Job

Rimming, or analingus, is when you kiss, caress or penetrate your lover's anal opening with your tongue. The anus has a plethora nerve endings and many people enjoy analingus as a regular practice. Some may be turned off by the practice thinking it's too "dirty" literally and figuratively. But some are also attracted to it because it can be a turn on to engage in something so taboo.
How To Stimulate a Nipple

Nipples can be some of the most sensitive bits on the human body. Some people can orgasm from nipple stimulation alone, and yet some see nothing erotic in these seemingly practical body parts. Try these techniques on your favorite man or woman.
How To Remove Pubic Hair

Removing one's pubic hair is far from a necessary procedure, but many women find that it makes them feel sexier and more confident. If you do choose to shave or otherwise maintain things down there, it's important that you be aware of all the different methods of doing so -- and these safety tips for each.
How To Play With Power

A beginner's guide to S&M (sadomasochism), B&D (bondage and discipline), dominant/submissive relationships, and all aspects of sexual power play.
Sacred Self Pleasuring

How many marriages are beset by the lack of interest in sexual activity, even amongst those that report overall marital satisfaction? I believe we live in a sex negative culture.
How To Use a Cock Ring

What is a cock ring, exactly, and how does it work? answers your questions about this unusual but powerful sex toy.
How To Use a Clitoral Pump

A pumped-up clitoris is a sensitive clitoris. This is the principle used in the design of the clitoral pump -- a fun, effective sex toy. Clitoral pumps draw blood-flow into the genitals through a vacuum effect, enlarging the clitoris and making the whole area feel warm and more sensitive to the touch.
How To Use a Strap-On

We know, we know - you hear the term strap-on sex and images of a hot lesbian porn romp get conjured in your head. But strap-on sex actually includes a wider variety of play that can be quite the pleasurable addition to your own sexual repertoire, regardless of your gender -- or your partner's.
How To Stimulate the Prostate

Stimulation of the prostate has long been a subject of social taboos, myths, and rumors. It's come to be almost exclusively associated with homosexuality and anal sex. But the plain and simple fact of it is, what it really is is the male equivalent of the g-spot. By learning to stimulate it, you can unlock a whole new world of sexual pleasure and orgasmic satisfaction.
How To: Tantra

Tantra is the ancient art of fusing the spiritual and the sexual. While it has gained a great deal more mainstream popularity in recent years than ever before, it is still widely misunderstood. While we can't even begin to cover all the depth and intricacies of the tantra in an article like this, we can provide you with a basic explanation and beginner's guide to this fascinating and mystical realm of sexual practice.
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