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Ask The Sexpert

Have a question or concern about sex toys or sexuality? Our experts are renowned sexologists and sex therapists who run private practices, write sex columns, and research different aspects of sexuality. They are more than qualified to answer any sexual question you might have. Take a look at our popular subjects such as addiction to masturbation, female ejaculation, and which sex toys are best to use with a partner.
Anal Desensitizing Creams: Yes or No?

Should you use desensitizing creams when engaging in anal sex or play?'s experts weigh the pros and cons.
Becoming More Orgasmic

Dr. Kat Van Kirk explains how to make it easier for yourself to orgasm.
About Female Ejaculation

Dr. Kat Van Kirk explains the perfectly normal phenomenon of female ejaculation and recommends both books that explain it in more detail and toys that can help bring it about.
Doorknobs as Dildos and Urethra Stretching

Since Libida's launch, we have had the honor of answering many of our users' questions. However, we've also received some of the more interesting variety of queries as well. We figured we'd finally put them to use by sharing the top five of the most "uncommon" questions in no particular order...
Lack of lubrication

Despite putting in the time, oral sex is not causing his partner to become lubricated. What to do?
Large Labia

The size of her labia have her concerned that she isn't "normal." Can this be true?
Is My Penis Too Small?

Is age 16 too young to start worrying about the size of his penis?
Grooming for Sex

Dr. Marty Klein provides some helpful tips for how to get your partner to practice some personal hygiene before sex without sounding like a nag.
Lover is Anti-Lube

Now that she's in her 40s, she doesn't get as wet as she used to. But her husband doesn't want her applying lubricant.
How the economy affects your sex life

Find out what your answer means about you
Spanish Fly

Spanish Fly is made from the crushed body of the blister beetle, and is thought to be an aphrodisiac because of its toxic effects on the body. Read on to find out more interesting facts about Spanish Fly.
No-Orgasm Intercourse

I can't have an orgasm during intercourse. I have no idea what to do. My husband thinks I'm not attracted to him, but that's not the case.
Penis Pumps

His penis is average size and it pleases me very much. We are nudists, and it is at this time he wishes he had more to ďshow."
Uncomfortable During Oral Sex

Your natural taste and smell vary greatly during the month and can be affected by your menstrual cycle, your diet, and even your emotional health.
Semen and Sex

If a guy masturbates and comes on his hands and then fingers a girl could she become pregnant? Is this the same for pre-come?
Can't Stay Hard

Through out foreplay it's no problem. But when it comes to intercourse I can't stay hard.
Clitoral Stimulation for Orgasm

Is there any way I can get an orgasm during sex without me touching myself? How can I improve my chances of getting an orgasm only by virtue of vaginal stimulation?
HPV Diagnosis

Dr. Kat answers the difficult question of what to when you're diagnosed with HPV.
Don't Desire My Partner

I love my girlfriend, but lately, Iím not so interested in sex with her. Thinking about sex with my girlfriend doesnít do it for me like it used to.
Female Viagra

I hear about Viagra and other new pills and creams for women to function better in bed. Which works the best?
Force Fantasies

I fantasize that Iím getting raped. Iíve never been sexually assaulted or abused in any way. Iím not sure what this means.
G-Spot Sex Toy Recommendations

I have been successful using my index and middle fingers to get my girlfriend off, but I would like to buy a sex toy to use, too. What might work?
How to Talk Dirty

I'm interested in learning how to talk dirty to my partner, but it feels so unnatural.
Husband Masturbates 'Too Much'

My husband masturbates a lot, but we only have sex once a month if I'm lucky. Why does he prefer himself to me?
Can I Get a Quiet Vibrator?

I have a vibrator from a yucky sex toy store, and it's really loud. Isn't there anything quiet out there?
Orgasm Without a Vibrator?

I love my vibrator, I mean a lot. So much so that I've never had an orgasm any other way. Is it possible that I've numbed my clitoris to other kinds of stimulation?
Using Lube in Water

Water washes away my lube (though it works great in the bedroom) and using my toy starts to feel uncomfortable.
New to Sex Toys

I come quickly and think she may enjoy sex more if we use a toy to prolong it.
Normal Penis Size

My boyfriend worries that his penis isn't big enough. Just how big is a normal penis?
Penis Enlargement Pills

Do penis enlargement pills actually work?
Penis Gets Soft

Sometimes when my husband and I are having sex for a long time, his penis gets soft. How can I help him keep it hard the whole time?
Penis Sensitivity with Masturbation

I am a twenty-eight year old single man. I experience extreme sensitivity of the head of my penis when I masturbate.
Repetitive Stress with Masturbation

Dear Ann, I have a repetitive stress injury similar to carpal tunnel syndrome, and my doctor told me that vibration only makes the pain in my hand worse.
Penis Enlargement Surgery

My boyfriend has an extremely small but versatile penis. Should I ask him to get an extension using plastic surgery?
Using a Vibrator with a Partner

I've been curious about incorporating a vibrator into our lovemaking. Where does a sex toy beginner begin?
Wife Not Interested in Sex

She said she is not interested in sex and could never have it again and be happy.
Vaginismus - Vagina Too Tense

Every time I try to have penetrative sex, my vagina locks up. It becomes painful to insert anything. What's wrong?
Vasectomy Reversal

Is it possible to reverse a vasectomy? I have one and am with a new partner I'd like to have a child with.
What Are Cock Rings?

Cock rings restrict blood from leaving the penis, making it thicker and fuller. Some men last longer with cock rings and have stronger orgasms.
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