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Looking for a fun way to explore your fantasies and get turned on? Check out our collection of erotic sex stories and erotica. We have stories about oral sex, dominance and submission, bisexual and lesbian sex, role-play, sex toys and more. Read them by yourself or with your lover -- both men and women will love these stories. While you're at it, check out our selection of sexy erotic photography. Our galleries feature current artists who capture sex and the nude form in tasteful yet extremely sexy ways. Specialty galleries show the evolution of sex, erotic images from the 40s and 50s, hentai, older couples, real couples and more. We have erotic photographs that will excite women and men.
Item #: erotica-attention

A couple watches a movie on a Saturday night. Bored with the movie, she distracts him, asking for a little attention. He agrees, but only if she explicitly states her every desire. Stumbling over her words at first, she soon learns that every wish is granted when she says it out loud.

Adjoining Rooms
Item #: erotica-adjoining-rooms

Two friends go to New Orleans for their annual vacation. What starts as an innocent trip ends in mutual erotic exploration.

Forever There, Then Gone
Item #: forever-there-then-gone

In this erotic tale, we follow a woman as she gets ready for some kind of date. A car picks her up and takes her to an expensive hotel. We feel her nervousness dissipate as she makes love to a woman while a mystery man watches. Soon he joins in and she experiences a new kind of pleasure transaction.

Full Body
Item #: erotica-full-body

Expecting a relaxing massage, Sarah is surprised to find that it will be preformed by a group of stunningly handsome men. For phase two, she is pleasured by group of 12 men who massage, suck, tease, rub and stroke her. They bring her to orgasm after explosive orgasm.

How I Like My Coffee
Item #: erotica-how-i-like-my-coffee

Jack and Naomi are a loving couple with a thing for their young and sexy house guests, Andreas and Carmen. Carmen seduces Jack while Andreas sets his sights on Naomi. A week of sexual tension culminates in an erotic partner switch and incredibly hot sex.


Heat and and light poured through her. “Emmit,” she moaned. All she could feel was his cock, filling her, making her come so hard her teeth went numb. And still he was thrusting in and out. Each thrust playing a different, delicious chord across her body.
Tying Up Loose Ends
Item #: erotica-tying-up-loose-ends

A game of Truth or Dare reveals the true nature of Aimee and Marshall's relationship. After dating for a month, Aimee is unsure of whether or not Marshall is attracted to her. She starts a game of Truth or Dare and discovers just how to turn him on.

The Couchsurfers
Item #: erotica-couchsurfers

Jack and Naomi are a loving couple with a thing for their young and sexy house guests, Andreas and Carmen. Carmen seduces Jack while Andreas sets his sights on Naomi. A week of sexual tension culminates in an erotic partner switch and incredibly hot sex.

Pottery Yarn
Item #: pottery-yarn

When your roommate is a potter, you never know what he might bring home. Dan brings Lila a dildo he's crafted just for her, after hearing her playing with sex toys in her room. Offering to allow Lila to test the prototype, Dan shows off his other special skills as well.

B&E; &B
Item #: b-and-e-and-e

Melissa arrives home to find an intruder, Gabriella, in her home. She ties the woman up only to find herself taking orders and pleasuring Gabriella, surrendering to restraints and some of her deepest fantasies.

Chocolate Covered Kisses

A sensual story of one woman's first oral experience with her first female partner.

An erotic story of seduction and affairs with the mythical french lover in the city of lights.
Der Unglucksfall

A sexual mix of fantasy and tragedy set in East Germany.

His hands slid up alongside her, his gnarled fingers with their taloned nails stroking the coverlet over her thighs. She murmured, as though in a dream, and reached out in welcome.

Sometimes phone sex can produce unexpected results.
It's Been a Very Long Time

After five years without sex, it was time for someone to take her temperature.
Erotic Fiction

A selection of only the steamiest and most sensual erotic fiction, collected from various authors and verified sexy by the experts at
Japanese Garden

A dreamy little reflection on the moments of pleasure that make up a satisfied life.
Letters from New Orleans

Eating oysters in New Orleans leads to an encounter with a great guy. Let's just call him "Peter."
In the Still of the Night

In the middle of the night, he nudges her out of sleep for slow, sensual, orgasmic sex.
Mental Stage

I roll over in bed, semi-conscious and very aroused. I run my fingers down to my pussy. The wetness is pouring out. I close my eyes and make my way back out to the stage.

"This so sucks! I have watched Lili for a month now and I still cannot get the brass to even talk to her! I know she's a dyke like me, but dammit! She is so... special. What would she want with me?"
A Nice Jewish Boy

I did not want to date Jewish boys. I can't say this was entirely my father's fault. The boys staring at me from across the dance floor at the latest Bar Mitzvah were not my cup of tea.
One Sexy Scout

She came walking out of the forest like a grown up Girl Scout. Her dark brown, button-up shirt hugged her ample chest tightly and her olive green shorts landed just above her knees.
Peaches 'n Cream

You know the old saying ‘curiosity killed the cat’? Well, I’m the proverbial cat, and my damnable curiosity almost killed me that night! Oh, but what a way to die… a man could not ask for a more pleasurably slow death!
The Punishment

A single finger lifted her chin. "You are mine. You belong to me. Your pleasure belongs to me. Today you took that pleasure without My permission. Do you deny it?"
Unspeakable Things

Lauran can't stop thinking about Cal and the way he touched her. Will she ever stop fantasizing about his hands and his lips?
I Don't Mean To Be Rude

A meta-fictional erotic short story about a writer of erotic fiction and her encounter with a handsome stranger in a cafe.

How much longer before the spell is broken and the words of ordinary speech come pouring out to sound the end of this maddening desire? How much longer can we press against this hunger?
Go Large

Sorry, I'll have to go now. I can hear Lois moving around, getting out of the bed. And any minute now, she will tell me to do exactly what I’ve always wanted to do.
Flying Through China

China has always been shy and reserved, but when she meets Jack and his friends, her world is opened up to a sensuality she never knew before.
Second Hand

Martha has a special gift: when she touches an object or piece of clothing, she can relive its history. This makes second-hand lingerie very interesting.
The Chocolate Dream

Bret can't help but be drawn to Allegra, the owner of the sexy candy shop The Chocolate Dream. With Allegra, Bret discovers that love and lust can indeed be the same thing.
The Lucky Dick Club

I can recall every moment that my skin has been stroked, every time another human being has spent their energy pleasing me, no matter what their real intentions might have been.
Bacon, Lola & Tomato

When Lola finds out Bacon is straying, she follows him to uncover the truth. She never knew she would be uncovering her own fantasies ...
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