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Introducing Sex Toys Into the Bedroom

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Introducing Sex Toys Into the Bedroom

Plenty of women use sex toys in their own masturbation play -- but why not include your partner in the fun? There are many options on the market now, but how do you go about bringing the subject up to your partner?

Tips on how to introduce sex toys into the bedroom and our suggestions of some of the best toys to introduce!
How to Introduce Sex Toys

Introducing Sex Toys Into Your Sex Life

Plenty of women use sex toys in their own masturbation play -- but why not include your partner in the fun? There are many options on the market now from toys that are built for two (like the Bo - Lelo's Powerful Couple's Vibrator), to cock rings and anal plugs for him, to state of the art vibrators that don't have to be relegated to your secret bedside drawer.

Getting Started

Find out what works for you. In order to get comfortable with yourself, masturbate on your own to learn about the kind of sex toy and stimulation you like the best.

If you're new to the experience, check out For Yourself on some suggestions on how to get started.

Choosing the Right Toy

Bet on the Clitoris
Many women, some estimates put it at 70% -- have more orgasmic response with clitoral stimulation. Most vibrators are specifically designed for the clitoris. Strap it on during intercourse. Try the Venus Butterfly.

Go Beyond the Clitoris.

You'll find there are many options to explore. You can get a more penis shaped vibe that you can insert vaginally, an anal toy, or a dual vibe, like the Utopia Rabbit Vibrator that simultaneously vibrates you vaginally and clitorally.

Toys you Can Use Together

There are many options on the market now from toys that are built for two (like the Bo - Lelo's Powerful Couple's Vibrator).

Sometimes there is the concern that masturbating with a toy without the involvement of your partner gives the impression that you didn't "need" them sexually anymore, some even equate it to cheating on their partners. Sex toys are not meant to replace anyone, they can be used expand and enrich your sex life. There are many men who are tired of initiating everything sexual in their relationships; in fact it may be a turn-on for them to have their partner add something new. Many men complain their girlfriends and wives never initiate anything new into their sexual relationships.

Introducing a Sex Toy

Finding ways to bring up the subject of using a sex toy may difficult. Many people find just bringing up the subject intimidating. Even couples with the best communication skills find it difficult to discuss sex.

  • You know your relationship best. If your partner is someone you feel comfortable enough with to just surprise them one evening then go for it.
  • Whisper the idea in your partner's ear during your next sexual encounter, bring up that you've fantasized about them using a vibrator on you
  • Get your partner involved in the process. Shop for a vibrator together. It gives you an excellent opportunity to describe the ways you'd like to use toys.
  • Go on-line and begin exploring the world of sex toys one evening over a glass of wine.

Communicating your sexual desires can not only bring you more sexual satisfaction but can also deepen your relationship as a whole. It can bring you both to a new level of intimacy that you can explore together. Adding a toy to your sexual repertoire is a good place to start.

Watch your partner in action Once you have a toy use it in front of your partner. Many get aroused watching their partners use a sex toy in front of them. It is a great way to teach a partner how to use the vibe on you. Consider it a project you can do together.

Sex Toys to Get Started

Bullet Vibrators: One of the most versatile sex toys.  It has a sleek and small design that works on the clitoris, vagina, labia or anywhere else you like.  Works well with couple's play too!

Rabbit Vibrators: When you don't know where to start a dual vibrator is a good bet because it covers clitoral and vaginal (G-spot) stimulation all in one toy.

The Original Venus Butterfly Wearable Sex Toy
Item #: S4885
The Venus Butterfly is a great toy for solo or couple's play. This unique vibrator is worn during sex to maximize clitoral stimulation. The Venus Butterfly is hands-free.

Retail Price: $27.99
Libida Price: $22.99
You Save 18%

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