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How to Do Kegel Exercises

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How to Do Kegel Exercises

The single most important exercise for a woman's sexual health is the Kegel exercise. Kegel exercises help to strengthen your PC (pubococcygeus) muscle. This muscle forms a "figure-eight" outlining the vaginal and anal opening. This easy, and usually pleasurable routine, boasts a whole host of benefits.

  • Benefits of kegel exercises
  • How to find the muscles
  • How to do kegels
  • Kegel tips
  • Instructional books and DVDs
  • How To Do Kegels

    How To Do Kegel Exercises


    The single most important exercise for a woman's sexual health is Kegel exercises.

    Kegel exercises help to strengthen your PC (pubococcygeus) muscle. This muscle forms a "figure-eight" outlining the vaginal and anal opening. This easy, and usually pleasurable routine, boasts a whole host of benefits.


    Benefits of Kegel Exercises

    • Orgasms become stronger for men and women.
    • There is more control over sensation during intercourse.
    • It's easier to reach orgasm; you feel more when you need to, and less when you want. More control over the sexual experience, a feeling of power.
    • Childbirth can be easier, more controlled, leading to fewer complications.
    • The vagina heals more quickly from the effects of childbirth.
    • Partner feels more during intercourse - can pull and squeeze penis with vaginal walls.
    • Prevent/stop incontinence/prolapsed uterus.
    • Men can have harder erections. Men can have harder erections.· Men can have harder erections.

    How do I find them? Flex your muscles:

    • Sit on the toilet with your legs parted slightly.
    • Allow yourself to start the flow of urine.
    • Stop the flow - Remember that feeling
    • Commit yourself: Now that you know what it feels like to flex your PC muscle:
      • Find a time each day to practice (i.e. driving to work, on the bus, in the shower, watching TV, at a boring meeting). No one will ever know.
      • Commit to this time each day.
    1. Do your reps: Basic:
      • Get comfy, breathe slowly.
      • Squeeze and hold for 10 seconds.
      • Relax for 10 seconds.
      • Repeat 2 more times.
    2. Shake it up
      • Alternative A: Advanced
        • Squeeze lightly - hold 5 seconds
        • Squeeze stronger - hold 5 seconds
        • Squeeze really tight - hold 5 seconds
        • Reverse Relax Do this 10 times
        • Take a break Repeat 2 more times.
      • Alternative B:
        • Work all of the muscles - Flutter
        • Squeeze for one second
        • Rest for one second
        • Repeat 10 times 2 times a day
    Getting Bored?
    Work the deeper muscles with an object.
    • Buy a PC muscle developer like the Lelo Luna Kegel Exerciser Balls.
    • Put Ben-Wa Balls inside and walk around holding them in. They are a great way to mix up the sensation and advance your training.
    • Do them while you masturbate.
    • Incorporate them into sexual play - the penis is the best Kegelcisor.
    • Or use a Kegel friendly sex toy like the nJoy Fun Wand or the Lelo Ella.

    Don't despair. Even doing Kegels on a somewhat regular basis can help you get greater feeling, control and stronger orgasms within 6 weeks.


    Kegel Tips:

    • Don't do Kegels while urinating - just use urination to understand the feeling of flexing the PC.
    • Put a finger in vagina and clench, you can feel the muscles working.
    • Men can practice by putting a towel over their penis when they have an erection and then attempting to move their penis up and down. They can train up by adding weight just by wetting the towel more each time.
    • There is no over night success - it takes dedication. Never use your back, anal, stomach, or buttock muscles.

    There are also plenty of books and DVDs on the market the can help you demystify Kegel Exercises. Here are a few ideas…

    Kegel Books

    • For Women OnlyAs founders and co-directors of the Women's Sexual Health Clinic at Boston University Medical Center, the Berman sisters (a urologist and sex therapist) have treated a variety of ailments, including loss of desire, arousal and pain disorders. Kegel rank high on their suggestion list.
    • How to Have An Orgasm As Often As You Want Written with style and sophistication, this sensible book is a straightforward, easy-to-follow guide that will teach women how to have as many orgasms as they want, with or without the full cooperation of their partner. Orgasmic control has a lot to do with how strong your PC muscles are.
    • The Multi-Orgasmic Couple Men and women can experience multiple, longer and more intense whole-body orgasms with the help of the newest book from the authors of the best-selling Multi-Orgasmic Man. Covers the importance of PC training for both men and women AND how multiple orgasms and simultaneous orgasms are no longer out of the question.
    You'll know your Kegels are working when you experience stronger orgasms and experience more internal sensation during masturbation and sex. Strong PC muscles are crucial for a woman's sexual health, and exercising them is usually quite pleasurable.

    Lelo Luna Kegel Exercise Balls
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