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Long Distance Sex Tips

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Long Distance Sex Tips

Sex toys can't come close to being a substitute for your lover, but they can be of help when you have to be separated. In fact, toys can introduce a fiery new element into your relationship.

A little planning before your lover leaves can mean a world of pleasure and connection.
Long Distance Sex While They're Away

Keep the Heat
When your Lover is Called Away

You just got the word… your lover is going away. Far away! And no, you are not breaking up, in fact neither of you want the separation, but circumstances are making it so. Whether he is going to another country, or she can't pass up a job in another state, the reality is you won't be able to smell, touch, fondle or do anything physical with your partner, for a long period of time.

You do want to remain true to your commitment, but you also want to take care of your sexual needs. Sex toys can't come close to being a substitute for your lover, but they can be of help when you have to be separated. In fact, toys can introduce a fiery new element into your relationship

Be Prepared!

A little planning before your lover leaves can mean a world of pleasure and connection.

For Her:Try something realistic, like the Basix 6.5 Inch Dildo. Remember that men can typically climax much faster than women, so if you're masturbating together, add a clit vibe like the Femblossom for extra oomph!

What to Send
Certain toys are better than others to send across foreign borders. If you are worried a snoopy customs agent may be opening his/her mail and censor or confiscate it, you don't have to be afraid with these disguised toys.

For Him: The Head Honcho: A sensual masturbation sleeve that is easy to pack and disguise. This inexpensive and versatile toy is clear and stretchy, with no indication of what pleasures lurk within. He will very much appreciate how well you are looking after his sexual needs.
For Her: Lipstick Vibe: has a convincing disguise as a lipstick case. Realistic looking but secretly packed with strong vibes. She will love her little secret.

Explore Yourself
Take the opportunity to learn more about your own sexual response cycle -- what arouses you, what makes you orgasm, and how you can prolong your pleasure without the distraction of a partner. The best lovers know their own bodies and what makes them tick. Masturbation is your path to this sexy knowledge.

For Her: Consider a Dual Vibrator (sometimes known as Rabbit Vibrators). Dual vibrators satisfy many tastes at one time and can help you discover your preferred method of stimulation. They have a vibrating shaft (penis shape), and a vibrating clitoral stimulator. Both of these together ensure ultimate pleasure. Our favorite is the Vanity Rabbit Vibrator.
Other popular suggestions include:

Bullet Vibrators are small and versatile. They can slide between your vaginal lips to hit the clitoris, or be slipped inside the opening, or used on the nipples or any other place you want. Try the Silver Bullet.

For Him:
Fleshlight looks a like a fat flashlight (hence the name), but open it up and it sports the best realistic version of a vagina on the market.

Online and Phone Sex

If you have the ability to chat with your partner online, a separation can be an opportunity to throw a little adventure and sizzle into your sexual relationship. Unleash your mysterious side.

Send him/her a sexy story you have written, or initiate cybersex.

Or, go to the next level and have him control your vibrator with the music you two are listening to together. The Vibropod vibrates to the beat and intensity of any music on MP3 players.

Let this separation be the one that helps you grow sexually.


Basix 6.5 Inch Dildo
Item #: V29480
This 6.5 Inch Dildo is soft, smooth and extremely lifelike. We carry five sizes of harness-compatible Basix dildos.

Retail Price: $24.99
Libida Price: $19.99
You Save 20%

Head Honcho - Endorsed By Dr. Sue Johanson
Item #: W26444
The Head Honcho is a 5" long, clear silicone masturbator with pleasure bumps and 3 suction cavities. This masturbator is tight, stretchy and discreet.

Retail Price: $24.99
Libida Price: $17.99
You Save 28%

The Vanity Rabbit - The Best Rabbit Vibrator
Item #: V-JO-4768-14-3
The Vanity Vibrator is a soft, plush, well constructed rabbit vibrator that will last and last. This rechargeable vibrator is one of our strongest, vibrating at an unrelenting hum.

Retail Price: $299.99
Libida Price: $241.99
You Save 19%

Silver Bullet - A Small, Multi-Speed Vibrator
Item #: S8961B
The Silver Bullet Vibrator is a great choice for someone looking for a versatile yet inexpensive vibrator. You can use a bullet for all-over play and targeted titillation.

Retail Price: $19.99
Libida Price: $14.99
You Save 25%

Fleshlight - A World Famous Male Masturbator
Item #: M714
The Fleshlight is the world's #1 selling male sex toy. Try the Fleshlight if you are looking for a new, exciting masturbation experience.

Retail Price: $83.99
Libida Price: $69.99
You Save 17%

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