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Prostate Orgasms

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Prostate Orgasms

How to stimulate the prostate, and toys that can help.

The “P-Spot” can make a man’s orgasm two to three times more intense, delay ejaculation and simply feel great. So why aren’t more men rubbing their prostates?
Prostate Orgasm

Prostate Orgasm

How to stimulate the prostate, and toys that can help

The “P-Spot” can make a man’s orgasm two to three times more intense, delay ejaculation and simply feel great. So why aren’t more men rubbing their prostates? Umm… because the best way to go back “there” can be a little intimidating. Many men don’t acknowledge anal stimulation as pleasurable because of the cultural taboos saying those types of activities are “gay”. But women are allowed to explore anal sex as much as we like. And we don’t even have a prostate. If you want to have an idea of what it feels like for a man to have his prostate stimulated, it has been compared to the same sensation woman experience when we stimulate our G-Spot.

The Prostate is a small gland, the size of a walnut that contributes the process of getting the semen into the vagina. It is the liquid that makes everything go smoothly and makes the environment (pH) ideal for eggs to be fertilized.

The problem for many men is that it is difficult to reach by themselves (even for a contortionist). Some toys have been created to make it a little bit easier to reach for a man by himself or for the partner.

Prostate Stimulation Tips

1. The firm, curved toys work best.
2. If it is not specifically made for prostate stimulation, make sure it has a base. You don’t want anything to go missing…
3.G-Spot toys work very well, and there are many varieties on the market.

The more you do it the more sensitive it becomes.

Recommended Toys

1. Aneros: This toy is specifically made for prostate stimulation. The angular design helps to stimulate the prostate, perineum, and anal sphincter correctly. It can even help him reach multiple orgasms.
2. nJoy Pure Wand: Made for the G-Spot and can be easily used for the P-Spot too.
3. Spellbound G-Spot Vibrator: A popular G-Spot toy that vibrates.
4. Vibrating anal toys like the Vibrating Anal Beads: A versatile probe-like vibrating anal toy.
5. Vibrator attachments: G-Whiz, G-Spotter

Aneros Prostate Stimulator
Item #: M25544
This amazing little anal toy helps you experience stronger, more intense orgasms. It's shaped to find the prostate, and massages that area on its own, keeping your hands free.

Retail Price: $64.99
Libida Price: $49.99
You Save 23%

nJoy Pure Wand - Perfect G-Spot Or P-Spot Stimulation
Item #: V93406
The nJoy Pure Wand was designed to provide a direct connection to your favorite spot. If you are curious about G-spot orgasms or female ejaculation, this is the toy for you.

Retail Price: $99.99
Libida Price: $89.99
You Save 10%

Flexible, Vibrating Beaded Anal Probe
Item #: V21562
This flexible, glittered, jelly beaded probe offers multi-speed vibrations to increase anal pleasure and stimulation. This probe features graduated beads that enhance orgasm.

Retail Price: $31.99
Libida Price: $19.99
You Save 38%

G-Spotter Wand Vibrator Attachment
Item #: S16188B
This product is added onto the Hitachi Magic Wand to help you stimulate the G Spot. The G-Spotter is curved and approximately 3.5 inches long.

Retail Price: $14.99
Libida Price: $9.99
You Save 33%

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