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Sex After a Hysterectomy

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Sex After a Hysterectomy

After a hysterectomy a small percentage of women feel their sexuality change. For the good or the bad it is just different. Hormone changes can affect how aroused you get, how much lubrication you produce or how much you feel.

The uterus can affect your orgasm strength, whether or not you have pain or numbness.
Sex After a Hysterectomy

Sex After Hysterectomy

After a hysterectomy a small percentage of women feel their sexuality change. Hormone changes can affect how aroused you get, how much lubrication you produce or how much you feel. The uterus can affect your orgasm strength, whether or not you have pain or numbness.

Here are some helpful products to get you back in touch with your sex life after a Hysterectomy

Lubricants (for Sex and for Moisture):

A drop in estrogen after an oophectomy can lead to a thinning vagina wall and slowing down the natural flow of lubricant. Without proper lubrication sex can be painful or cause small tears in the vaginal wall. Add a thick lubricant or (moisturizer) every time you have sex to keep sex pleasurable and avoid future problems.Stay away from lubricants containing glycerin, which could contribute to yeast infections.

Maximus: A thick popular lube with just about everyone. Glycerin free and long lasting.
Frolic: A fun glycerin free, thicker lube who’s sister Pink is the popular silicone lube.
Good Clean Love Lubricant: A natural vaginal moisturizer.


How much you feel (response threshold) can change after a hysterectomy. In other words, it takes more stimulation to get the same result. Vibrators can give the stimulation needed to reach this new threshold. Try stronger vibrators (plug-ins or) with a throbbing/gyrating motion.

Hitachi Magic Wand: One of the strongest, most popular vibrators. Gives throbbing vibrations that are to die for.
Eroscillator 2 Plus: This gyrating style of vibe increases blood flow by cajoling the blood into the clitoris rather than forcing it.


Use it or lose it! The wall of the vagina will get thinner and more painful to touch the less you use it. Try using a dildo 1-2 x per week to ensure a healthy, lush vaginal wall. Start with a dildo that has a realistic (softer) feel (Lelo Ella) or is slim. Always use phthalate free or silicone toys you insert into the vagina. They are good for the body and easy to clean.

Basix 6.5 Inch Dildo: A realistic dildo with a soft, real-skin feel
Leisure Dildo: A slim, silicone dildo that's easy to slip in.

Clitoral Pumps:

Blood flow to the genitals (especially the clitoris) is crucial to arousal and orgasm. After a hysterectomy or menopause blood simply does not flow as freely to the clitoris as it once did. Clitoral pumps work to bring that natural flow back, heating things up with a little bit of suction.

Advanced Clitoral Pump: A popular pump that gives stronger, more focused suction than other pumps.

More Specifics:

In some cases the surgery will take away the symptoms such as pain, endometriosis or bleeding which resulted in the hysterectomy in the first place. With these symptoms gone, the body is freed up to respond sexually in a way it couldn’t before.

A hysterectomy can move things in the other direction too. Pain, scarring and a change in hormone levels sometimes come with the surgery and can change how a woman responds sexually. Much of the changes depend on how much of the reproductive system is removed. In all cases the uterus is removed. The uterus normally contracts during orgasm. With it gone, the uterus is not there to contract and can change the quality/type of orgasm a woman experiences.

The most affected are those women who have both ovaries removed with the uterus. The ovaries are responsible for a large percentage of their sex hormones. Testosterone levels can drop dramatically after this type of surgery affecting arousal. Estrogen and Progesterone can drop too affecting lubrication and the lushness of the vaginal wall. If the cervix is also removed some women will experience vaginal orgasms almost disappear.
The surgery itself can result in scarring in the vagina inhibiting the ballooning affect during arousal, interfering with the natural extension to orgasm. Surgery may also dull sensation of some sensory nerves leading to these women needing more stimulation to achieve the same “feeling” they had before the hysterectomy.

Maximus Lubricant - 250 mL
Item #: S23284
Maximus Sensual Lubricant is an extra-thick water-based lubricant that stays where you put it. This versatile lubricant is a bestseller.

Retail Price: $21.99
Libida Price: $18.99
You Save 14%

Pink Silicone Lubricant for Women - 120 mL
Item #: S-P40
Pink brand silicone lubricant is an ultra-long lasting personal lubricant for women. Silicone lubricants are body friendly and hypoallergenic.

Retail Price: $25.99
Libida Price: $23.99
You Save 8%

Good Clean Love - An Organic Vegan Lubricant
Item #: S87000
Good Clean Love is a fresh, clean personal lubricant that safe for latex and sex toys. This 100% vegan lubricant contains 95% organic ingredients.

Retail Price: $18.99
Libida Price: $15.29
You Save 19%

The Magic Wand
Item #: S13445
The plug-in vibrator known as the Magic Wand. This vibrator is ultra-powerful, strong and reliable.

Retail Price: $69.99
Libida Price: $54.99
You Save 21%

Eroscillator 2 Top Deluxe
Item #: V-EROS-DE
The Eroscillator is one of the best clitoral sex toys out there. We strongly recommend this sex toy to any women who has difficulty climaxing or who hasn't had an orgasm before.

Retail Price: $224.99
Libida Price: $194.99
You Save 13%

Lelo Ella Dildo
Item #: V98176
The Lelo Ella is the perfect dildo. This high-end dildo features two ends for different types of stimulation. This silicone dildo is wonderful for targeting your g-spot.

Retail Price: $49.99
Libida Price: $39.99
You Save 20%

Basix 6.5 Inch Dildo
Item #: V29480
This 6.5 Inch Dildo is soft, smooth and extremely lifelike. We carry five sizes of harness-compatible Basix dildos.

Retail Price: $24.99
Libida Price: $19.99
You Save 20%

Advanced Clitoral Pump - Sucks And Vibrates
Item #: V-SE-0623-50-3
Three distinct speeds and controllable suction make this vibrating clitoral pump a dream come true. Use it with lube for amazing sucking sensations.

Retail Price: $29.99
Libida Price: $24.99
You Save 17%

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