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Wondering how to give a blowjob or how to use a vibrator? You've come to the right place. Our sex therapists and sexologists have compiled how-to guides on everything from masturbation to seducing a partner. Find easy-to-follow sex tips and exciting sexual techniques here on
How to Find the G-Spot

The G-spot was named after a researcher called Grafenberg, who first located the spot inside a woman's vagina. It's a sensitive area just inside the front wall of the vagina, between the back of the pubic bone and the cervix. Many women feel intense pleasure when it's stimulated. Others feel nothing, and still others have the urge to urinate. Find yours, massage it a bit and see which category you fall into. There could be an entire realm of pleasure you've yet to experience.
How to Give a Blowjob

Blowjobs aren't just for men's pleasure. That's right, many women say the feeling of control it gives them combined with the oral stimulation is a turn-on in its own right. Read on for tips and techniques to make a blowjob an ultimately satisfying experience for all involved.
Celebrity Sex Quotes

Celebrity Sex Quotes
Choosing a lubricant for sex

Ninety percent of all women experience some sort of pain with intercourse during their lifetime. The friction of dry skin to dry skin can be attributed to either not using any lube or not choosing the right lube for their needs.
Links for More Information

Where to find more information about sex, sex toys, and much more.
Make Your Own Sex Toys

Sex toys don't have to be bought. There are many options of household items that can be employed for your pleasure.
Bill's Cunnilingus Tips

We're not really sure who Bill is, but what we are sure of is that these are some great tips about how to give great cunnilingus.
Come Together - Simultaneous Orgasms

When her pleasure and his pleasure come together. Toys to make one fabulous evening of pleasure for both, increasing intimacy with your partner.
Other Uses for a Vibrator

Other uses for your vibrator that you may not have thought of before.
Sex Over 50

Sex does not have to go away as we get older. In fact, some of the best sex happens later in life.
Spice Up Your Sex Life

Get out of the routine in your life and experience something fantastical. Develop the parts of yourself that you rarely show to anyone. Pretend to be the person you fantasize you are.
Daily Masturbation Tips

28 tips to help you get inspired while masturbating. Try something new every day for a month.
Long Distance Sex While They're Away

Sex toys can't come close to being a substitute for your lover, but they can be of help when you have to be separated. In fact, toys can introduce a fiery new element into your relationship.
Sex Toy Tips and Techniques

If you're new to sex toys, take a minute to discover the many reasons why you might like to add one to your sexual repertoire.
Introducing Sex Toys Into a Relationship

Your sex toys may have become your tried and true friends. Outlasting most of your relationships and definitely keeping you company when you are sans partner. So here are some suggestions to help the introductions go smoothly.
Sexual Gemini

What are the sexual secrets of a Gemini? Learn more about what turns the twin on, whether you're a Gemini or it's your lover's sign. Geminis are flirtatious and experimental.
Sexual Pisces

Want to know what Pisces is like in bed? Pisces love fantasy and role-playing. Known to be a bit shy at first, once Pisces know you're willing to help them live out their sexy dreams, they're all yours.
Sexual Leo

Leos are known to be exhibitionists who like loud, show-off sex. Leos know what they want in bed and aren't afraid to ask for it. Most Leos have a few toys at home to help get them off when they're alone.
Sexual Libra

Libras turn sex into a spiritual art. They believe in happily ever after, even if it takes a lot of relationships to get them there. Read on to see how Libras act in bed.
Sexual Taurus

Taurus have a cool, composed exterior that fools others into thinking they're the conservative type. Little do they know that a mad hedonist lurks within!
How To: Cunnilingus

Women love guys that go down. Like a blow job for a man, giving head is all about intimacy, trust and having someone worship your most intimate parts. Libida teaches you everything you need to know about giving great head to your female partner.
How to Care for Your Sex Toys

Caring for your toys is easy if you know the basics. Cover your toy with a condom if you don't want to bother with cleaning.. If you want to experience the texture of your toy without a condom...clean it carefully.
Masturbation Techniques

The simple truth is there are as many different masturbation techniques as there are women masturbating, and that's more than you might think!!
Nine Ways to Explore Your Fantasies

Here are some truly sexy ideas and the tools you'll need for an incredible evening.
Orgasmic at Every Age

A host of pleasure-toys fit naturally within a certain time of a woman's life. Find the toy that is right for you, along with our suggestions for age-related sex.
How To Seduce a Man

Men love to be seduced. Since men generally have the burden of seduction, turning the tables on him can make him feel wanted and attractive while you get to experience your own, more active, erotic energy. Here are some of our favorite ways to turn him on.
How To Seduce a Woman

Women want to feel appreciated, safe and joyous in the sex act. All three are important when seducing a women. Here are more tips to get her in the right 'head-space' for sex.
How to Masturbate (For Men)

This may seem obvious but you wouldn't believe how many requests we've received over the years to include a "How to Masturbate" for men. So, utilizing our male Libidians we've come up with some tips and techniques that we're sure not only our male readers will enjoy but also all of our Libida women out there who have been in the dark about this male pastime.
How to Masturbate (For Women)

Most men learn to masturbate at an early age because they routinely handle their penises. Women are taught little to nothing about their genitals, and often require guidance, information and permission to discover the wonders of masturbation. Getting to know your genital anatomy is the first step. Most women orgasm from stimulation of the clitoris, but others also enjoy vaginal penetration or G-Spot stimulation. Remember, there is no wrong way to masturbate; everyone is different!
How to Introduce Sex Toys

Plenty of women use sex toys in their own masturbation play -- but why not include your partner in the fun? There are many options on the market now, but how do you go about bringing the subject up to your partner?
How To Stimulate the Clitoris

By far the most common question we receive at Libida is how couples can put more focus on the clitoris during intercourse. Here are some tips on how to locate it and, once you've located it, how to make it feel amazing.
How To Stimulate the Labia

The labia are bursting with delicious nerve endings. Like the clitoris, the labia are hard-wired for pleasure. In fact, the labia and the clitoris are linked to the same type of nerves, giving them a powerfully sexual charge. Because the labia are basically hidden from thier owner in an awkward hard-to-see place, most women are not all that familiar with their own vulvas. Learning a little more about your own vulvas can open a world of pleasure and give tips on how to reach orgasm.
How To Kiss Him

A kiss can make or break a moment or even a relationship. The timing, the technique, the build-up -- all of these things are important. Here are some tips to make your kiss perfect, whether it's your first or your fiftieth.
Thinking Sexy Thoughts

Fantasy is one of the most powerful facets of desire. Many people have fantasies they find scary or unacceptable. It's important to remember that fantasy is just that. Taboo fantasies can actually help improve your sex life.
How To Use a Dildo

Before the creation of vibrators, male masturbators, the sqweel, and all the other fancy sex toys we have today, first there was the dildo. Learn how to use the original sex toy, and find out why this classic is still wildly popular today.
How To Use a Vibrator

Vibrators are effective tools to bring about arousal and orgasm. Follow this step-by-step guide to using all types of vibrators, from clitoral vibrators, to g-spot vibrators, to hands-free vibrators, vibrating cock-rings and more.
Sexual Astrology

What sex toy is hot for your astrological sign? Making your sexual pleasure a priority must be a resolution.
What Qualities Do Women Like In a Lover?

# 1 answer was -- "He learns what I like and does it" -- with 18%
What Do Men Think Makes a Good Lover?

200 men were asked to name THE one quality they found made their best female lover. The top three essential nuggets to being good in bed were a far cry from her body or her technique.
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