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A Teddy Bear with a pouch to hide your sex toys
Sex Toy Carrying Case
California Exotic Anti-Bacterial Sex Toy Cleaner
Item #: S8525

The best cleaner for vibrators and adult toys. Adult Toy Cleaner is easy to use and contains triclosan. This cleanser can prolong the life and feel of your toys.

Retail Price: $11.99
Libida Price: $6.99
You Save 42%

California Exotics Premium Lube
Item #: S22560

Premium Personal Lubricant is a great choice for everyone. Works with all toys, condoms, and situations.
Silky smooth.
Retail Price: $13.99
Libida Price: $9.99
You Save 29%

Hide-A-Vibe Teddy Bear Hides Your Sex Toys
Item #: V-TEDDY

Let this Teddy Bear Vibe Hider be your best friend, and she will keep all of your most intimate secrets safe.

Retail Price: $49.99
Libida Price: $39.99
You Save 20%

Metallic Pink Sex Toy Case With A Lock
Item #: V98502

The Lockable Sex Toy Case is pretty in metallic pink. This case measures 12x4x4 inches, and will easily fit your sex toys or other valuables.
Retail Price: $29.99
Libida Price: $26.99
You Save 10%

Pink Silicone Lubricant for Women - 120 mL
Item #: S-P40

Pink brand silicone lubricant is an ultra-long lasting personal lubricant for women. Silicone lubricants are body friendly and hypoallergenic.
Retail Price: $25.99
Libida Price: $23.99
You Save 8%

Climax Bursts Anti-Bacterial Sex Toy Cleaner
Item #: S28394

Climax Bursts is an anti-bacterial toy cleaner that cleans and disinfects your toys with the power of triclosan.

Retail Price: $11.99
Libida Price: $9.99
You Save 17%

The Magic Stick Vaginal Tightener
Item #: FN8153

This tightening stick imparts tightness and warmth to both partners. Use the Magic Stick before sex to intensify your lovemaking.
Retail Price: $21.99
Libida Price: $17.99
You Save 18%

Comfortably Numb Oral Sex Set
Item #: S40207

The Comfortably Numb Collection includes everything you need to make oral sex tastier and sexier. Learn to deep throat comfortably with this collection.
Retail Price: $17.99
Libida Price: $14.99
You Save 17%

ManDelay - FDA Approved Male Desensitizer
Item #: M146-2571B

Mandelay is FDA approved and helps you last longer before you ejaculate. ManDelay is a clear, lubricating gel that helps you stay in control with Benzocaine.

Retail Price: $12.99
Libida Price: $9.99
You Save 23%

Double Layer Privacy

Double Layer Privacy adds a second layer of security to your shipment, making it harder for nosy neighbors, roommates or family to learn the secret to your happiness. This level of privacy is one more thing that make Libida unique.
Libida Price: $0.99

Mini Massager Replacement Batteries - 6 Pack
Item #: V18293

These batteries will replace the batteries in most mini-massagers, including all mini-massagers that we sell.
Retail Price: $3.99
Libida Price: $2.99
You Save 25%

Duracell AA Batteries - 4 Pack
Item #: S249-8848 recently compared different batteries. In our vibrator tests, Duracell brand lasted best.
Retail Price: $6.49
Libida Price: $4.49
You Save 31%

C Batteries - 4 Pack
Item #: S113-8528

Duracell batteries lasted the best in our vibrator endurance test. These are C cell batteries.
Retail Price: $7.69
Libida Price: $6.69
You Save 13%

AAA Batteries - 8 Pack
Item #: S240-1198

In our test we experienced about 5 hours of continuous use from a set of AAA batteries. Since AAA batteries don't last as long as larger batteries, we sell them in an 8 pack.
Retail Price: $9.99
Libida Price: $8.49
You Save 15%

C-Cell Batteries - 2 Pack
Item #: S185-3910

Two C-cell batteries for your vibrator. In our vibrator tests, Duracell brand lasted best.
Retail Price: $4.99
Libida Price: $4.29
You Save 14%

Cool AA Sex Toy Batteries - 4 Pack
Item #: V666

Why use the same batteries in your sex toys that you use in your TV remote? You need something much cooler.
Retail Price: $4.99
Libida Price: $3.99
You Save 20%

One 1.5 Volt SUM-5 (N size) Micro Battery
Item #: V14173

Some micro vibrators use this strange little battery size. If you need one, we have them. It is a SUM-5 sized 1.5V battery (also known as N sized).
Retail Price: $3.49
Libida Price: $2.49
You Save 29%

1.5 V Watch Batteries For Sex Toys - 3 Pack
Item #: V999

These batteries are designed for sex toys. They feature cool, feminine artwork. Think suicide girls, tattoos and bomber art and you get the picture.
Retail Price: $2.99
Libida Price: $1.99
You Save 33%

When you buy a new sex toy, you're going to need accessories that help you keep your new toy safe and in tip-top condition. Anti-bacterial sex toy cleaners, lockable sex toy chests and discreet sex toy hiding places are all great sex toy accessories that help prolong the life of your toy and keep it safe from nosy children or roommates. These are our favorite sex toy cleaners and discreet sex toy storage boxes.
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