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Sexual Health Information

Sexual health is an extremely important component of sexual desire. If you're experiencing physical problems or changes, sexual fulfillment may become harder to obtain. Learn about common sexual concerns like anorgasmia, sex while aging, birth control, prostate cancer and menopause here. The articles and guides on were written by leading sex therapists and sexologists. They bring you the best information and solutions to your problems.
Top Benefits of Orgasms

Orgasm, what's not to love? - That wash of electrical energy that bursts from our genitals to our toes; leaving that achingly pleasurable pulse of satisfaction and relaxation. How could something that feels so good be good for you too?
Benefits of Penis Pumps

Penis pumps draw blood into the penis through mild suction helping to give a temporary erection, increasing size as well as increasing the sensitivity of the penis. No drugs or invasive procedures are necessary, they are safe and inexpensive.
Sex After a Hysterectomy

After a hysterectomy a small percentage of women feel their sexuality change. For the good or the bad it is just different. Hormone changes can affect how aroused you get, how much lubrication you produce or how much you feel.
Pain-Free Sex for Back Problems

There is no quick cure for the aches and pains as we get older, but there are ways to alleviate the pressure that can aggravate the pain and gain some semblance of control by using a few well placed tricks.
Increasing Sexual Arousal

As this world gets more complicated and stressful many more people are reporting their libido is waning.
Help with Pre-Orgasmia: How to Have an Orgasm

Even though women tend not to be as orgasm-mono-focused as men, and instead enjoy the experience of sex with all of the senses it arouses, orgasm is a tremendous experience all human beings are capable. Here are some tips!
History of the Sexy Mom

If the notion of a "sexy mom" strikes you as odd, consider the esteemed status erotic mamas enjoyed in ancient civilizations. Below is an excerpt from The Mother's Guide to Sex by Anne Semans and Cathy Winks.
Do vegetarians really have better sex?

PETA recently ran a superbowl ad that not only drew criticism for being overly sexual, but made a pretty big claim: that vegetarians have better sex. But do they really? collected evidence both for and against the claim and weighed in with our opinion.
Libida Celebrates Labia

Discover your labia with help from Despite what you may have seen in mainstream pornography, labia come in all shapes, sizes and colors. Get to know what pleases you and makes your labia feel amazing.
Is Female Sexuality Being Medicalized?

Recently, there's been a lot of talk about the supposed disorder, Female Sexual Dysfunction (FSD). But is it really real, or just a ploy to sell more pills and make more money?'s doctors take a look at the facts and investigate the medicalization of female sexuality.
Loose Vagina

Women have voiced a growing concern that their male lovers report that they don't 'feel enough' during intercourse, or that they themselves don't 'feel tight enough'. Women are starting to worry that this is a consequence of the size of their vaginas.

Anorgasmia is an inability to climax or difficulty climaxing with typically sufficient stimulation in a significant percentage of sexual interactions.
How to Give Yourself a Breast Exam

Breast exams are a very easy and very important way to catch breast cancer in its early stages, and can be done at home and by yourself. gives you a step-by-step guide to this important tool of self-diagnosis.
How to Do a Sexological Exam

This exam identifies what each part looks and feels like, so you can know for yourself and your partner what feels good to you. The purpose of the exam is not to necessarily get you turned on... although that might happen. Consider the Sexam as a way to develop your own personal roadmap to pleasure!
Men Fake Orgasm Too

28% of men in a new study reported that they had pretended to orgasm. While many more women (67%) said they had pretended, it was surprising to see that so many men were also faking orgasm.
Stress Relief Through Orgasm

Try using a vibrator for stress relief. Vibrators are perfect for body massage and orgasm, which both relax the body and mind.
Pre-Orgasmia: Difficulty Reaching Orgasm

Estimates on the prevalence of preorgasmia vary widely, and are almost completely a function of definition. Unrealistic expectations can shape your perception of the seriousness of your difficulty.
Rapid Ejaculation

Rapid ejaculation is not about excitement, as most people think, but about anxiety. The unwanted orgasm is triggered by anxiety, not by pleasure.
How To Have Safer Sex

For a surprising number of people -- adults and teens alike -- the phrase "safe sex" sounds like "unfun sex." But at, we believe that it is, in fact, possible to have a fun, sensational, and orgasmic time without risking pregnancy or the transmission of STDs. Here are some of our favorite ways to make safe sex fun sex.
How To Do Kegels

The single most important exercise for a woman's sexual health is the Kegel exercise. Kegel exercises help to strengthen your PC (pubococcygeus) muscle. This muscle forms a "figure-eight" outlining the vaginal and anal opening. This easy, and usually pleasurable routine, boasts a whole host of benefits.
Vibrator Study - Women

Women use vibrators during masturbation and intercourse. Women how use vibrators are actually less likely to experience problems with sexual function.
Why Lubricant Is So Important

Sex (specifically intercourse) was meant to be moist. If it isn't wet enough, it is, well, uncomfortable. Any discomfort a woman feels is going to slow arousal and make orgasm difficult.
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